The FutureBrand Factory

At FutureBrand we believe that the best way to predict your future is to create it. That is why, every year, our team of talents select an inspiring category and define its future. Through co-creative workshops, trend watching, industry expert interviews and our own global network expertise, we develop an informed point of view and bring it to life through insights, concept development and design.

This year, FutureBrand teamed up with an additional group of talents: students from the prestigious ECV corporate design masters program in Paris and named the initiative « THE FUTUREBRAND FACTORY ». The selected theme was MOBILITY.

This first collaborative edition allowed FutureBrand talents and students from ECV to work and co-create together in regular intervals during a full month. ECV adopted FutureBrand methodologies and FutureBrand got first hand insights on how millennials perceive the category today and where they see gaps and opportunities for the future.  

The result was a diverse proposition of 20 new products and services for the sector based on solid and informed insights. These propositions will help FB build their FUTURE OF MOBILITY study that will be shared with clients and prospects in the following months. In addition, one team of ECV talents will join FutureBrand in the summer. The successful initiative will become a yearly event enabling us to continue creating the future.

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